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this 3D swan origami was made with 600+ sheets of magazine paper each folded into small triangles..the measurement i made was 2 X 4 inches..nwy, this type of paper folding is called chinese paper folding..


fold around 600-650 triangular units..these can easily be made while watching TV, sitting in the car or while having drinks with a friend..

NOTE: there are 2 pocket looking slits which are connected by inserting the pointy parts into the pockets..there are 2 ways to position  the triangular units..


A: the triangle rests on the short edges of the triangle with the pockets still visible.

B: triangle rests on the broad edge of the triangle: sim
 ilar to a mountain; pockets are also visible.

Row 1: begin by arranging 30 - 35 triangular units in a row..these units will be Row 1 of the swan..the number of units you use will depend on the thickness of the paper my case, i used 24 units...

Row 2: connect Row 1 into a ring by using “connector” triangular units..these connector units will become Row 2 of to do this?
  > place two Row 1 units side by side in position A;
  > insert the points into the pockets of a connector unit (also in position A)
  > this forms a cluster of 3 units

continue in this manner:
- place the
 cluster made above  beside another Row-1 unit;
- connect them together with another triangular unit;
- this forms a cluster of 5 pieces.

repeat until all Row 1 units have been connected..connect the first and last pieces together to form a ring..

turn the ring over so it no longer looks like a cone: now it looks more like the bottom of a bowl.

Row 3: continue assembling the body of the 3D origami swan by adding more triangular units..note that the triangula r units are now added while in position sure to insert the points of two  different units into one connector unit..inter-locking the units in this manner will keep the 3D origami swan body together..

Rows 4 to 6: continue adding more tr
 iangular units until you have completed Rows 4, 5, and 6.

Row 7: add triangular units to form Row 7 as above..remove 2 triangular units across from one another. Shown: the units at “12 oclock” and “6 oclock” have been removed. 

Rows 8 - 20: continue to add more triangu lar units row after each row, use one less triangular unit..the 3D swan origami will get more and more narrow forming two triangular wing sections..row 20 will only have one triangular unit on each side: it is the tip of the swan’s wing.

as you assemble, allow the pieces to curve naturally to form a bowl-like shape.

Head and Neck: connect approximat ely 20 triangular units in a linear manner..position the units in position A and insert one unit into the pockets of a second unit..allow the pieces to curve naturally..a question mark shape works well, but other neck shapes are fine.

depending on what the 3D swan origami w ill be used for, you may wish to add a drop of glue in each triangular unit of the neck..the neck is the most fragile part of the 3D swan origami so glue  is good..glue is not needed for the bod y and wings of the swan..


insert the neck at the “6 oclock” can also embellish it with googlie eyes..


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